Friday, November 30, 2012


Ever since I saw Martha Stewart's Aluminum Christmas trees in an article back in 2007 I was determined to get one of these beauties. Martha's pictured below is a gold aluminum tree she potted with fake moss to make it look a little more woodsy, which I love.

Aluminum trees were big in the '50's and '60's so they can look really retro as well. I think a tree like this would look fantastic in a more modern home. I love the silver aluminum tree paired with turquoise ornaments.

Martha also did a smaller silver and pink version on her kitchen table that I also adore. The little deer in the faux snow?! So cute.

I personally want this tree for sale now on Ebay for $400. I mean a gold tree?! You know I'm in heaven. Potted and decorated with white and glass's looking beautiful decorated in my imagination!


$400 is not inexpensive for a fake tree, but it also isn't too bad for something different than your typical tree. I think this would make a great second tree - a little more decorative and grown up. Maybe in a foyer or dining area. And then you can have your big fresh green tree in the family room or wherever you put your tree.

Did you see this pink aluminum tree about 5 years back published in Blueprint Magazine? It's definitely girly, but so pretty.

This is a great way to display the smaller aluminum trees - in the window, lined up. This would be stunning at our office...the possibilities are endless!

Now BEWARE because you can not string electric lights around an aluminum tree because of the fire hazard. That's okay though, these beauties sparkle enough on their own. But just in case you aren't sure how to decorate a tree without lights, there is a pamphlet on properly decorating an aluminum tree the aluminum companies put together for you :)

I hope all of your holiday decorating is going well. At our home we have yet to buy and decorate our tree (my husband insists on fresh trees every year) so that's what we will be doing this weekend! Look for our finished tree on Instagram! Follow me @ mariannebrown12.


  1. These are amazing! I saw a tiny one (maybe 18" ) in an antique store last night and thought it was cute, but the full-size versions are really special. I could totally get on board.

  2. I bought a 7' gold and silver tinsel tree from Martha's Grandin Road line last year (sadly it seems that line has been discontinued) and it's in our dining room this year (our "real" evergreen tree is in the family room) I'm in love. I say go for it.


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