Tuesday, December 4, 2012


If you are like me, December has you running from place to place, enjoying the season but feeling just a little insane. I love doing pretty gift wrap, but wanted to find ideas that were ahem... super easy. Here are some that I've come across and a few thoughts how you could put your own twist on them.

Isn't this chalkboard style gift wrap amazing! All you need is black kraft paper and a chalk marker. I love how simple and chic this is. You could also doodle on the package with stars, polka dots or stripes and I think it would look awesome. Chalk Markers are also available in colors - so you could do white kraft paper wrapping with red and mint chalk, etc. I know this handwriting is perfect, but I even think messy, graffiti style writing and drawing would be pretty. So bad handwriting is not a deal breaker! You could also use a stencil if you are a perfectionist. :) Source.

If you are into color, this neon sticker dot packaging is perfect! Another idea would be to use white paper and use these gold stickers. So predictable from us right? :)

Who could resist a beautiful simply-wrapped package with glitter ribbon?

Besotted Blog wrapped these gorgeous gifts with glitter ribbon from here. There are 20 colors available. Imagine this in aqua glitter, emerald, royal blue, or gold. Stunning! It would be cute to do a band at the top and bottom if you didn't want to do a bow, or even stripe a package if you are feeling especially glittery.

The Sweetest Occasion used black and gold for these gorgeous gifts.

Marianne and I are kind of obsessed with Washi Tape. Here are some fun ideas on how to use Washi Tape to make your gifts special.

Oh Joy wraps her gifts in vivid colors. Her favorite washi tape source is here on Etsy. There are so many colors, patterns, metallics, neons. Almost too many choices.  

Newspaper + Gingham Ribbon + Twine + Greenery = Genius! from Refinery 29

Ok and last but certainly not least. How meaningful to wrap family presents for Grandma, Grandpa and cousins in your child's artwork? 

Brought to you by the fabulous folks at Martha Stewart. 



  1. Such great ideas to make any gift look unique!

  2. Darling! I'm so fond of the first black one. I had no idea black kraft paper even existed. (ps- saw little 2ft. tinsel trees at target, reminded me just of the aluminum ones you loved!)

  3. I just stumbled on your blog from google images. I'm thrilled to have found you. I needed something new and inspirational to read and follow. It's also a huge bonus that you are a SLC blogger! ;)

    I'm excited to try some of these wrapping ideas!

  4. just found you via lgn. so happy too. my husband is wanting us to move to northern utah but all the homes and condos are made of logs and so is the furniture. good to know you are in slc. i'm your newest follower and i can't wait to go through all your posts. your work is absolutely beautiful. xo janet

    1. We can help you find something awesome in Northern Utah! Or help you build something! There is a lot of style if you know where to look, let us know how we can help Janet.

  5. Just in time as I start my wrapping. Thanks for the ideas!! :)

  6. This is a great collection of wrapping ideas!!! I don't even know which one to try first.

  7. Just in time for some holiday wrapping! I love, love the black chalkboard look. I just wrapped some presents in brown postage paper last night and loved the simplicity!

  8. suuuupeeeer fantastic


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