Thursday, November 29, 2012


Jamie introduced you to our new program, DESIGN DILEMMA, that we are really excited about. I wanted to make sure all of our readers take advantage of this great opportunity to ask the little questions you have around your house that you need a girlfriend-you-can-trust's opinion.

Here is what a sample question would look like...

QUESTION: I want to paint my kitchen table and chairs. What color would you suggest? The walls are painted a light blue with white wainscot and my rug is a deeper blue with gray. My kitchen cabinets are bright white with gray countertops.

ANSWER: I would suggest painting the table a bright white, I like Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White but every paint company has a pure white that would look good. I suggest painting your chairs a different color. I think it would look really cool to paint the chair the same white as the table but to paint the ladders across the back a different color, like navy blue (BM Hale Navy) or something more subtle like a pastel color in the blues, greens, or reds (like a poppy red). 

Painting the ladders would add a lot of style but might be difficult if you are doing it yourself, so if you want to paint the entire chair one color I think that would look nice. Have you thought about adding a cushion to the chairs? That could add some pattern and color as well. 

Here are some photos of painted chairs I like to help you with color.
White + Pastel Green Chairs

Blue chairs + white table (yours would be a brighter white). Make sure if you pick a blue color it doesn't match your wall color. You want it to coordinate but not match.

Kelly green would be great too.

If budget isn't an issue, I would also suggest possibly selling your two end chairs and buying a different style chair for your ends. An upholstered chair would be a great option or a rattan chair would be really nice too.

Please send me pics after you complete your project! I would love to see how it turns out!

I can't wait to see the result in this kitchen table question. I will post it as soon as I get the pictures! Send us your questions + pictures. We would love to help you in any way we can.


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