Monday, October 1, 2012

WHAT'S UP - 10.1.12

This post was meant for Friday but that's the kind of week I've been having - I'm behind on everything! Sometimes I feel a little burned out and I don't want anything to do with work when I'm not working. But after my weekend of no blogs, design magazines, work, and (almost) no Pinterest I am excited to be back.

+ Last week Jamie and I worked on the N Street project quite a bit. We narrowed down our exterior paint colors for this historical home to two colors...

Benjamin Moore's Amherst Gray 

Benjamin Moore Whale Gray

Exterior paint colors are tricky because when you are dealing with paint on this large of scale it is hard to imagine the paint on the whole house. It's way easier to work off of pictures so you can see what it looks like on a grand scale. I'll be picking up samples of the paint today and trying it on the house. ALWAYS paint samples!! That is a very expensive lesson I have definitely learned!

+ I've been looking for really cool black + white tile patterns for a client who is redoing their master bathroom. We have been inspired by these photos...

We are loving this tile from Ann Sacks (but don't love the price :)

This tile from Ann Sacks is also very fabulous.

This bathroom is so amazing and expensive (marble slabs on the walls!!) I love the floor!

+ Jamie has been searching for another client who is looking for rugs. I'm the biggest fan of Madeline Weinrib but she also found some other fantastic rugs that would look amazing in her home.

Madeline Weinrib

But I also love these beauties as well!

I could do a very long (Tolstoy long) blog post on rugs. But I would love to hear from you if you have a rug you recently bought and love. Especially if you got a great deal on it and it looks like you paid a lot more :) 

And it's this little girl's birthday in one week and I'm trying to throw together a game plan for her birthday party. Turning 4 is a big deal! 

You have to see this kitchen we bought for her birthday. I wanted the Pottery Barn one, but it wasn't a $700 want. I mostly wanted the PB one because it came in white. All of the other kitchens are so gender specific and we are hoping to one day have a boy and I don't want him to feel like he lives in a sea of pink. So, when I found this KidKraft all-wood turquoise kitchen it was an instant buy. 

Someone is going to have a very happy birthday!

Hope you all had a fantastic week.
And that's what's up!


  1. I'm lusting over this adorable, fun, and affordable rug from Urban Outfitters. The green one would look oh so hot in a room painted dark gray or dark blue. (I'm also the biggest Madeline Weinrib fan and am contemplating using her chenille mandala rug in my living room.).


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