Monday, September 17, 2012


Hi everyone! This is Jamie, the newest member of White + Gold Design. I could not be more excited about working with Marianne again. She is not only one of my all time favorite people, she is crazy talented and I consider myself so lucky to be learning from her. A few important facts about me - I love talking about cutting my hair, Diet Coke and therefore Sonic Happy Hour, my darling family, Nicki Minaj (I can't help it), gray hoodies, fabulous shoes and fruit roll ups. I also love interior design and feel like a home should be a reflection of your personality. The greatest compliment to receive is when someone says, Hey.. that looks just like you!

Today I've been thinking about making a statement... with your couch.  We all know the drill when buying a large piece of furniture and spending a chunk of change. Get something neutral, be practical, make it easy to change accessories and color schemes. It's smart design and makes sense to go this route and it's what I have always done with my big purchases.

BUT... maybe this is my knocking down the door on 30 first mid-life crisis speaking... I'm fun, I like to have fun, why shouldn't my couch be fun? I wish I had the guts to make more of a statement! Anytime I have chosen to go a bolder route I have had zero regrets. The way I know a room is successful is if I smile when I walk in. And get real, how could you NOT smile if you were cuddled up on one of these bad boys catching up on Pretty Little Liars? (HONESTLY, I know I'm behind the times, but WHO IS A???)

Am I the only one who makes design resolutions? Lets stop saying, I love that but could never do that in my home. Why can't we do it? My resolution is to let my house have a little more fun. Go big or go home - or go big AND go home to one of these beauties.

Giant Gingham Goodness

Pink Perfection

Is it the couch? Is it the rug? It's the combo that I'm loving. 

The piping, the color, the buttons 

Coral Magic from Caitlin Wilson

Classic and Clean

Domino Favorite

Obsessed with this whole room

Ruthie Sommers Classic

White + Gold + Black = Genius every time 
Sorry for the creepy animals. Just pay attention to that gorgeous sofa.


  1. I totally agree! I also have a hard time trying something bold and different, even if I really want to. LOVE the coral couch and the striped couch!

  2. I love the bold couch! Makes picking pillows less complicated! I would die for the gingham or navy with white piping!

  3. I completely agree with this. I wish that I had the guts to go more bold. I love some of your ideas because I think that going bolder doesn't always have to mean we sacrifice finding a classic piece. That will last forever. I think both can be achieved. I am excited to hear many more of your ideas.


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