Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone! This is Jamie sitting here thinking about how something so right can go so terribly wrong. I'm talking animal prints. (Leopard, Zebra, Dalmation!) These patterns are continuing to be such a huge design trend,  but can be tricky to use without going what I like to call "Kardashian." Here are a few examples of  fab images vs. freaky to help us from veering over to the dark side.

FAB - So chic and understated. Hard for me to handle how gorgeous this is. 

FREAKY - its important to remember that LESS is MORE :)

FAB - this image has been all over Pinterest - and I LOVE it. The magenta campaign, beautiful art, leopard chair. This is mixed and matched so well. 

FREAKY - step away from "bed in a bag"

Enough Freaky, lets stick with FAB- like this snakeskin wingback. 

Zebra rug mixed with classic pieces.

 Subtle and soft zebra

Graphic wallpaper

Love those drapes!

And because I can't resist this. One more totally insane animal print. For the tiger in all of us. The description is Elegant Tiger Bedding. I know that ELEGANT is the first word that came into my mind when I saw this. I had this weird tangent thought that if I was dating someone and saw their place for the first time, peeked in the bedroom and saw this I would RUN out the door so fast. This duvet is a deal breaker. 

Are you loving animal prints or leaving them?? We love them. When used the right way :). 


  1. I LOVE LOVE the leopard chair with magenta accents. So beautiful.

  2. LOL!!! I'm dying over that last image!!! I would run too if I saw that in someone's bedroom. Who wants giant cat faces staring at them all the time??? All your "fab" examples are gorgeous though. I love animal print!! (when it's done right!!) :)

  3. Those are crazy!!! I absolutely love animal print...but like you suggest, in minor doses :) I just made myself a pillow cover the other day--but one. Just one. That last photo and your comment about seeing the tiger print and running made me crack up! I just kept saying, "WHY--WHY?!!", to the photo with zebra draped everywhere. I mean..why?? WHY!? hahaha!

  4. That bed-in-a-bag hot mess made me laugh!

  5. These are cracking me up. I gotta be honest that I've never really been a fan of animal prints. Small doses is about all I can take.

  6. Those are awesome!! Looks like something from the 70's. I do love some leopard though.

  7. Love this post! It definitely shows how animal can go very wrong and when done right can be so perfect!

  8. ohhhh my gosh, those are HYSTERICAL. put those freaky's on the DO NOT DO THIS IN YOUR OWN HOME list...that tiger duvet with the matching shams is a complete crack up. on the flip side, i love the first photo. completely understated and the animal print does not run the show.

  9. This actually made me laugh out loud, very scary animal print!



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