Saturday, September 15, 2012

WHAT'S UP! 9.14.12

+  Guess who turned the big 3-0 this week?! And my cute husband set up a nice birthday dinner with my best friends to celebrate. I seriously have the BEST friends - they are a huge blessing in my life. Love you guys! (don't I look cool surrounded by such beautiful people?!)

+  I've been debating way too long over what sconces to buy for entry at the N Street project. Here are my options - your help deciding would be very much appreciated! (The hardest thing about design is choosing between 2 good options)
*all lights via Circa Lighting

+  And probably the most exciting news is that my friend Jamie Richards is joining White + Gold Design as an intern to learn the biz and then eventually as a designer!
Jamie and Mirabella's Creative Director, Amber Bowen, at a Mirabella event
Jamie and I used to work in advertising together (she was pretty much my boss) and we know we work really well together. She and I have different points of view, but similar enough that we make a great collaboration. (She has GREAT taste in everything)

Jamie is the creative genius behind Mirabella cosmetics. For the past few years she has named every product and written all of their copy and helped with package design, etc. She is SUPER talented and I'm so excited to have her back.

+  Thinking about painting the vanity in N Street's main bath this color...

+ I received my Restoration Hardware package of catalogs this week and am in love with this light for my master bedroom.

Lot's of birthday celebrations including Takashi (my favorite sushi restaurant of all time) and pedicures and massages. The BEST birthday week ever! Hope you've had a great week too.


  1. Happy Birthday!! It's wonderful to celebrate with great friends and to have such an awesome husband to arrange it!

  2. Happy birthday Marianne! What a cute group of friends. On the lights, my vote is for #3 or #4. Love Circa Lighting!

  3. So excited to be a part of White and Gold! Happy 30th - you and your friends are darling! I vote #3 and I'm obsessed with that light for your bedroom!

  4. Love the third sconce and the bath vanity color. Congrats on turning 30!

  5. Happy birthday! My vote is for the third sconce down, with the x. Love it.

  6. How is it NONE of you have aged since highschool?! Amazing. Such beautiful women! As far as the scones go, I prefer the third one down. For sure!


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