Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It is so nice to have a baby back in the house again :) 

This baby grand is on loan from my in-laws who moved from their home and don't have room for it for the time being. We are super lucky since pianos are very pricey.

I know how to play but it's been a while so I want to take lessons again and have Caroline start learning the basics. It's nice to have music in the home again - it reminds me of the home I grew up in (6 kids all taking piano lessons made for a constant flow of piano practicing).

Now that I have it, I'm not sure how to decorate it, or not decorate it. I would love to have a custom bench made for it that is upholstered and more comfortable to sit on. A leather one would be perfect. And my mother-in-law used to have some potted orchids and figurines sitting on the piano when it was at her home - (it looked a lot better than what it sounds like).

Do you have a piano? What have you done to dress it up or did you just leave it be? They are pretty good looking just the way they are. Here are some photos of other baby grand's...

BTW, did anyone see the episode of the Kardashians (I'm SO embarrassed to even mention this) where Scott buys a piano just because he thinks they look cool? He's never played a piano. He is unreal. You have to check this out


  1. Ha, yes I did see that episode! I grew up with a beautiful antique baby grand that was so old it actually had real ivory keys. After seeing these pictures I can't blame Scott for thinking that the piano looked pretty cool.

  2. I am having the same problem! Mine is an upright, but I'm stumped on how to treat it as well. I wrote about it here. http://thelittleblackdoor.blogspot.com/2012/08/elephants-and-eggs.html
    I think I may have found something over my vacation that will work. I hope to work on that in the next few days.

  3. Oooo, thanks for this post. My husband was a music major and we have a 6' grand which is beautiful, but definitely something to be considered design-wise. I am hoping to recover and possibly tuft our seat. The poly velvet it came with is looking shabby. Do you follow Full House? She's uber stylish. Love how she's styled her piano, though I'm not quite so trendy, it's really cute.


  4. I love Baby Grands.. I have a Baby Grand that I found on craigslist.org for $125.00. I must admit I just had to have it because I knew it would look fab in our new home's living room, however no one in my family plays but that doesn't stop anyone from tickling the ivories, much to my ear's chagrin. =)

    I have to check out Scott's antics.. he makes me laugh.


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