Friday, July 13, 2012


It was 102 degrees yesterday - too hot to do anything. So I was bored and saw a white linen pillow cover I had made that looked too plain for my taste. Then I saw my paint samples I have in a box and got an idea...

Caroline had wanted to paint earlier that day so I thought, "I'll let Caroline paint the pillow"! It was an inexpensive fabric so I didn't care if it turned out horrible. Besides, Caroline thought it was the coolest thing ever to paint this pillow.

She was so careful and did a great job. I don't know if I LOVE the pillow, but I love that she painted it and it looks pretty cool. I think I might put the pillow in my master bedroom, or leave it on the kitchen bench. Not sure yet...

It turned out Anthropologie-esque, right?
(Oh, and don't mind the dirty bench seat - I haven't cleaned it in a while and I let my kids have at it on there. It is made out of Sunbrella fabric so it all comes off eventually :)


  1. lets hope she doesn't think she can't paint all the furniture now!! :)

  2. I think it turned out great! And just think how proud and happy she is to see it sitting on the bench...a future designer/decorator in the making!

    1. Hi Marianne, I discovered your blog through Kirsten Krason. You have a lovely home and a great eye. I decided to follow you on Pinterest, but when I clicked the link on your sidebar, it led to someone else's pinterest page. Just thought you might want to know. :-)

    2. Thank you so much for letting me know! How embarrassing :) It's fixed now. Thank you for following me and for the nice compliment!


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