Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am really excited about this new project I am starting on. It's another home in the Avenues and as all homes in the Aves it has a lot of character, which makes my job a lot easier. We are doing a complete remodel + addition so it's a big project.

This is what the home looks like now.

What do you think about the wood on the fireplace? It's the only original wood that is still showing, but that's why I kind of want to paint it white to match the rest of the home. Is that a horrible thing to do to beautiful original wood?

Torn down to the studs - or stick framing in this case. We are raising the ceilings so the upstairs is going to be beautiful!
This is going to be the master bathroom. We are putting a stand-alone tub next to the windows. Super excited about the bathroom...

I am imagining a nice, classic home with a little cape cod/back east style to it. I would like the 3/4 bath to look something like this...

We won't have money in the budget to do the amazing subway tile all around the room, but hopefully I can do it half way at least.

And I want the upstairs hallway to look something like this...

We have the hanging lights planned for over the stairway as of right now, but do you like the pendants in the center better?

I would like the entrance to be somewhat grand since it's really open right there and a perfect spot for a hanging lantern. Love the checkerboard flooring as well, but not sure how that would look with the faux fireplace I showed in the first pic.

I am still working on what I want the kitchen and master to look like. Follow my "N Street" board on Pinterest to see my inspiration for this home. You will also notice another pinner, Ashley Tingey, who is working with me as an intern for this project. She has great ideas and is really great to work with.

Should be a fun project! Keep in touch and I will post updates as they come. Right now we are tied up with the city waiting for permits, but soon we will be back working like madwomen and men :)


  1. We actually live a few houses up from this house and can't wait to see what you do with it, you do fabulous work! We are pumped that you're bringing this house back to life! Good Luck!

    1. That is so great! Thank you for commenting - please stop by anytime - we love as much feedback as possible. We hope to find you some amazing neighbors with great style :) I love that you live in that neighborhood - it is a great area.

  2. Just saw this, you are too sweet! So glad I get to work with you on this!


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