Thursday, July 19, 2012


We've all seen this done in bathrooms, but what do you really think about installing a mirror over a window?

I personally love how the light shines in behind the mirror and I'm guessing it's great light to apply make-up, etc. since it's natural light. It might not be as flattering, but you know how it is - you think you look great before you leave the house and then you check the rear-view mirror when you're driving and you look totally different.

It sometimes also allows for a better layout of a bathroom. Instead of trying to lay it out to avoid the window, you can use the window area as part of the bathroom.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on this....would you do it in your own home?

AND it has to be done right, I don't love this application of the mirror over the looks like there is too much going on with the shade behind it and the oval shape with the dark wood.

But this is an interesting and very cool way to do this style - they did both the vanity + the mirror! So creative...

Loving all of these as well.

Have any of you tried this in your own home? If so, please send me a pic or comment, or both! But yes, opinions please...

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  1. This look is really interesting and I've been noticing it popping up a lot too. I love the first example the best; I think if I was going to do this, that's how I'd want to do it.


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