Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am so fortunate to be able to work with such a great real estate team that invests in making homes better by renovating them and taking the care to hire a designer to make sure it gets done better than your average flip.

I love doing these projects because they challenge me with their budget restrictions and need to be "safe" for the unknown buyer, while also being stylish and beautiful. But as you might suspect, it is very fun for me to be able to design the space exactly as I would like to (given my sometimes very strict budget restrictions).

My latest project I was hired to help with is in Sandy, Utah on a street called Willow Wick. It is going to be a wonderful family home when we are finished, but it started out as a very strange home with a difficult exterior renovation needed.

Here are my plans for the home with the BEFORE pics.

Thinking of blueish-gray exterior color with white pillars to make this strange home exterior into a fresh, cape-inspired exterior.

Benjamin Moore Glacier White tongue and groove accent wall will give it a casual, cape/farmhouse look I'm thinking of for this home. Considering marble for the fireplace, or even a limestone or slate.

We will be adding glass doors to the opening to create a definitive separation between the formal dining and the kitchen.

The ceilings are too low for pendants over the new island, so to add some lighting (besides the cans we are putting in) I am doing two overhead sconces to add character and directed light. The room next to the kitchen is going to be turned into a mud-room and pantry.

I wish I had more pics of the house to show you more of my plans, but I will share some of my inspiration photos instead and watch for updates of the home as we go! (BTW, my Insta account (mariannebrown12) is the best way to keep updated on projects if you are interested!)

Images via my Pinterest board:


tongue + groove for the accent wall

sconces in the kitchen
master shower set-up

love the tongue + groove and lantern lighting for the master bathroom
kids bath inspiration
dark wood flooring to add depth
vertical tongue + groove could be cool?! Loving the simple fireplace.
I have big plans for this house! Excited to get working on this the way remember my B Street project? Guess what, we still haven't even progressed past dry-wall! Aagh! Hopefully we will move that one in a couple of months as well...


  1. Oh I LOVE projects like this. It really makes you dig deep into your design skills and be creative. I see your vision, and it's going to be spectacular! They are lucky to have you on their project.

  2. This is right by my house! Please post photos when you are done! Can't wait to see it.

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