Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I've designed remodels on C Street, N Street and now B Street! I am slowly going through the alphabet in the Avenues (downtown area, Salt Lake City, UT). And I couldn't be happier about these projects. The homes in the Avenues ooze character as most of them are built around or before 1935.

This home in particular is especially charming. I can't wait to get started, and because it's an investment project it is available for purchase at any time during the project if you are looking!
Here are the stats:
- around 2000 square feet
- 2 car garage
- 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
- charming patio and backyard
- rooftop patio over the garage

Here are a few pics of the home as it is now...

loving the ceilings and windows

current tiny kitchen

master bathroom - needs a major overhaul

brick paver patio and stairs up to the roof-top patio

roof-top patio with views!
As you can see, this home has some major potential that I can't wait to realize! Here are my initial ideas on this home.

1. New hardwood floors throughout - envisioning using a pale oak flooring.

2. Adding some hanging lights in the main room, like this lantern.

3. Add wood beams and paint them a soft color just like they did in this photo.

5. Add string lights to the rooftop patio and clean it up. Maybe some potted plants and gravel.

6. Create an eat-in kitchen that can accommodate small and large parties. A built-in bench seat like this photo.

7. A classic master bathroom or maybe one with a soft palette, like the second pic.

Can you imagine it?! We are hoping to finish the home in 2 months so wish me luck in trying to hit that deadline! And follow my inspiration on Pinterest. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. And if you are interested in the home send me an email!


  1. Wow! Great starting point! Can't wait to see the progress - let me know what you'd like me to look for!

  2. looks like it has great potential!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    You can follow my pinterest boards here:



  3. I'm all about old houses with potential (we're reno'ing a 1890's one now)Can't wait to see what you do with this-your plans look awesome!

  4. wow. such a darling home, already. but, i know you are really going to make it a show stopper. i'll definitely be following you on pinterest! are you going to do anything to update the front?

  5. Would you tell us the source of that gorgeous kitchen in #6? I must see more! It is luscious.

  6. I think you found an excellent property to work with. The place looks like its got pretty good bones. I think your ideas for upgrading it will do wonders. I especially like the pale oak flooring, beautiful!! I don't think you'll have trouble finding a buyer once your done with it. Can't wait to see photos of finished product. Good luck!

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