Sunday, November 17, 2013


Even though my home has been highly documented (I'm so sorry - shameless self-promotion for my business), there are a few rooms I haven't shared. One of my favorites is my downstairs bathroom. It's a bathroom that doesn't get used very often, but it's really one of my favorites I've ever done.

Luckily the very talented Scott Davis of Scott Davis Photography was hired to shoot my home for our contractor, The Fox Group, (who is finally getting a website :) and now I have a great shot of this bathroom!

What I like about this bathroom is how it's classic with a little vintage vibe, and a floor tile I never see (which is nice for me, since I feel like I've seen it all and get tired of the same materials). My only regret is that we didn't have the budget for frame-less glass - maybe one day we will replace it.

FLOOR TILE - Contempo Tile 
SHOWER TILE - Daltile white subway (from Home Depot)
VANITY TOP - Custom made Carrara Marble
MIRROR - Ikea 
SCHOOLHOUSE LIGHT - (no longer available - similar one here)


  1. love this marianne. i like the shower frame too. hope you are well.

  2. Nancy, this is stunning! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I really enjoy your style and love reading your blog. I was wondering if you can tell me where you found your windows and French doors for your remodel? I love the look of them. Do you happen to know what make and model the are? I'm thinking about changing out the widows and doors in my house. Thanks!!!!

  4. Can you be more specific on the floor tile product? I went to the producers website but can't find it. Thank you!

  5. No wonder this is your one of the favorites, it really looks great! I think you don’t have to regret about the frameless glass that you didn’t get. Your current panels fit perfectly well to the face of the bathroom, even though the frameless one will surely make it look more elegant. Overall, everything looks great.

    Lynne Hollaran

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  7. So, you don’t use it often – that explains the lack of toiletries. It looks very nice though. Why are you not using it often? Are you trying to preserve its beauty? Haha! Dan @ I.P.Q. Construction

  8. Looks really good and thank you a bunch for listing all the materials you used and where you were able to acquire them. That's often a missing tool in a lot of these posts and leave me just as hard pressed to figure out the home improvement project as I was before. Excellent job on the remodel and impressed you did it so well.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement


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