Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Do you remember the real estate brokerage office space I designed a little while back? Below is a picture of the conference room I took right after we finished getting everything in the office (don't mind the tiny funny looking plant on that big table! It didn't stay there long :)

All of the conference room furniture is from Ikea. These guys were on a budget and didn't want to spend more money on their office although I strongly urged them to do so. One of the owners already had that table and we bought the plastic chairs as extra seating. These chairs were never intended to be the chairs for the conference table! But they felt they had spent enough money and sent me on my way.

HOWEVER after spending more and more time in the conference room and hosting clients in there they saw that they needed a more professional look and asked me back to help them buy some big boy furniture :)

I am still looking for some other chairs to replace the plastic Ikea side chairs, but what a difference some nice furniture made, right?! And I love that carrara marble top with the walnut base. The leather chairs are from West Elm and are super comfy. Now if they could just keep their plants from dying we might be in business ;)

Lesson learned - spend the money the first time (if you can) and get the furniture the space deserves!


  1. I totally agree with this! Every time I've gone cheap I have regretted it and ended up spending more. Its worth it to wait and save up for what you really want!

  2. I wish ALL our clients would read this! I know a budget is a budget, but sometimes I wish they could stretch it just a bit:)

  3. looks great! LOVE the chandelier as well.

  4. Love it!!! Love the tile designs (wish I could be that creative with tile!) Can't wait to see it in person!
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