Thursday, October 25, 2012


We have a couple of clients right now who are looking for rugs for their home so rugs are at the forefront of my mind. And here's what I'm thinking as I'm looking through all these rugs...there is a fine line in the graphic rug department between cool and classy and trendy and expected.

Graphic rugs have been a favorite for a long time because they add some pattern to a room and aren't as traditional as oriental or indian rugs. Here are some of my favorite graphic rugs that achieve the coolness while also being very high-end looking.
(click on any of these photos to go to the website)

My favorite rug designer...Madeline Weinrib

rich in color - blue + silver is a beautiful combo

the only way to do a color like this in your home

why does this remind me of Hermes?

art deco cool

pinwheel interpreted for adults

very cool graphic and in orange even cooler

 an American Indian in Manhattan

Okay, so enough of my girl, Madeline.
Here are a few others...

the cool trellis rug

a different kind of stripe

Serena and Lily's blue art deco rug

And here are some photos of graphic rugs done right in a room...(notice the scale of the rug pattern in relation to the size of the room + rug)


with a really bold rug, keep the furniture simple

the ever popular but always fantastic black + white stripe rug

a lot going on, but it works!

here is the Weinrib rug in all it's glory

a great way to enter

super classy girls room

mid-century cool

Weinrib again

cool chain-link rug

As you know there are a kajillion (don't know how many that is) more photos and rugs to pick from. Make sure to follow my RUGS board on Pinterest if you are in the market for a great rug!


  1. oh i'm desperately looking for a new rug for my living room...MW rugs are my dream...

  2. I love these! I need to save my pennies and invest in an awesome rug...and find a way to keep it clean with 4 kids six and under in the house :)

  3. Completely agree. I'm finding it harder and harder, actually, to find good graphic rugs that I haven't yet seen ALL over the web and in everyone's homes. These are great options, thanks!

  4. I could buy everything MW! I love her patterns and palette so much. I have a few graphic rugs in my home and agree, they are the perfect balance!


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