Monday, October 22, 2012


Confession Time. Whoever out there in the universe that determines color trends.. Designers, Top-Secret Pantone professionals, you know who you are, just FYI you are doing a great job and have me completely under your spell. I'm drinking the Kool-aid! I have been thinking a lot lately about colors coming back in style after this conversation with my Mom while looking around for new pants.

Me (Jamie): Man I really want some Wine color skinny jeans.
Mom: You absolutely hate Maroon, it is your least favorite color.
Me: (Slightly offended) It's not Maroon, its WINE or OXBLOOD!

So hilarious. And yet so true. The color of the season for fashion and beauty is definitely this deep wine, oxblood, burgundy  maroon - whatever you want to call it. So, tell me - am I the only one who..

Hates Maroon - but LOVES wine
Hates Sea Foam - but LOVES mint
Hates Forest Green - but LOVES deep emerald or hunter green
Hates Peach - wait - I think I really do still hate peach.

I realize that there are definitely variations between the colors and the design/styling makes a huge difference, but it is just so funny to me that my opinion can change from hate to love in the matter of a few months. I'm the ultimate consumer. Just goes to show me that everything comes back around again! Mom, do you hear me? Dig back up those Sea Foam green striped couches from 1992 - they are back in style! Just make sure you call it mint :)

Oh and just in case anyone else is looking for WINE color skinny jeans. Here is an attractive and super affordable pair that are on my wishlist.


  1. I know what you mean--almost bought a burgundy top at Zara--I hate burgundy /maroon/oxblood or what ever the color people are calling it--looks terrible on me, but because the color is popular this season I was almost sucked in! And for the color peach, I will still hate it no matter what it's called! Have you ever seen someone wearing peach/nude/buff/flesh colored leggings and for a split second thought they were naked? Yuck!

  2. Totally with you. Especially on the mint - I can't believe it but I'm loving it!

  3. Oh my goodness, you hit the nail on the head! It doesn't take much change for a color to get a totally new lease on life.



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