Thursday, August 16, 2012

WHAT'S UP - 8.16.12

The past few weeks have been busy, yet very manageable. I like being a little bit busy. It keeps me motivated without the stress.

I have been looking for fabric for pillows, for clients and myself. This is my personal favorite from Designer's Guild. I want to make lumbar pillows out of this for my couch, but I'm not sure it's the right fabric for that space.

I have some other fabric that I am loving for various projects.

This paisley fabric with the dot background is another favorite. Wouldn't it look great with the wavy stripe and gold fabric? I love the gold fabric for an accent pillow.

I've also been sketching out my plans for N Street. (This is a very rough drawing I did quickly - still in the idea phase)

I was thinking of painting stripes in the main floor half bath, but then I thought that might look a little too young for who might be buying the home. I still want to do something different with the paint so I might paint one very large stripe around the room in a dark navy blue or black. Here are some other striped painting ideas I gathered from Pinterest...

I've also been looking at fireplace and built-ins on Pinterest for the N Street project. Here are my current favorites.

If you have a definite favorite of the 3 fireplaces, please let me know. Your help is SO appreciated.

I've also been trying to keep this messy kid from destroying my house! She is so cute right now and super funny, but seriously the messiest kid I know!! (Doesn't she look amazing?! Just trying to keep it real. This is what we all look like in the morning at my house).

And that's what's up!


  1. i love the paisley print-- so beautiful. do you mind me asking what fabric it is?

  2. My favorite is the first fireplace, if that helps. Good luck! You're projects always turn out beautiful!

  3. I'm loving that paisley fabric. May I ask who makes it?

  4. Yes, sorry I forgot to say who makes the paisley fabric. It is Opuzen ( fabric. I've never bought from them before, but a local store (Walls) carries them and I'm loving their fabric.

  5. Ok I LOVE that first striped it so *cool!* lol @ how messy kids can be, I have no idea how my mom, who I'm pretty sure has OCD, did it lol

  6. My favorite fireplace is the 1st or 3rd. Love the woodwork on the 1st, but the stone fireplace on the 3rd is gorgeous. Such beautiful fabrics. The O&L floral is a personal favorite, but it's so pricey! If you have leftovers, I would snatch some up for a bolster in a heartbeat! :) You have great taste, girl!


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