Thursday, January 12, 2012


If you follow me on PINTEREST you will have noticed that lately I'm obsessed with finding lighting for my projects. In my opinion lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home remodel. You can spend all of your time on the floor plan, the tile and paint, kitchen and hardware but if you don't have the right lighting, or cheap lighting it can cheapen the whole house. Adversely, if you spend your money on your lighting and maybe not as much on, let's say tile, you will be amazed at how much the lighting fixtures will make up the difference and then some.

My favorite lighting analogy is that lighting is the accessories of your outfit. You could be wearing head to toe Chanel but if you finish off the outfit with sneakers and a fake pearl necklace it cheapens the whole outfit, whereas if you are wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with a beautiful necklace and nice leather boots or something, you look like a million bucks!

And with all of that said, I am in some major help of narrowing my lighting down. In the dining area I would like to do an oversized lantern, just like this picture...

However, the light fixture just like this one will cost me close to $1000...(although I highly recommend this light if you have the budget for it - I just don't)


So instead I've been looking at these options...



Or this one for a more traditional look...

And herein lies my problem...I still love the first one!
But here is a light that I have no qualms over. These will be going on the fireplace mantel and I think they will look great.


They should look a little like this when installed -  room designed by Nam Dang-Mitchell


  1. Hi! We're building so I've been looking at and pinning tons of light options! I totally agree with your philosophy. And it's amazing how the decorative lighting can blow the budget really quickly. I'm meeting with our lighting person next week. I like your choices but think that these can also fit in with your initial inspiration:

    (This one might be a little more modern)

    Something to think about with that Troy fixture you posted, since it's an outdoor fixture, make sure the bottom isn't covered so it will cast light down onto the table. There was a Ballard Designs light I had been eyeing up but later found out it had a closed bottom. That knocked it out as an option for me. That Hinkley lantern is in my lighting pin board too!

    If you want to take a look at my pinterest, it's here: Hope that helps a little!

  2. Stephanie, Thank You! What an incredibly helpful comment. I am now following you on Pinterest and I love all 3 lights you suggested. I will let you know what I end up buying! And good point on the outdoor light. I will keep that in mind.

    Thank you again...
    I feel like I owe you a part of my commission:)

  3. You're welcome! You're too funny! I'm no designer but feel like maybe I'm in the wrong line of work...I'm immersed in it for our own home and LOVE it. My DH said I'd be dangerous if I actually had some training. My interior design friend agreed. So I'm attempting to do this on my own (with a little guidance from some online "friends" and a real life friend and crossing my fingers, hoping for the best. LOL! If you feel like popping into my blog from time to time, the link is in my profile. It's not a big one...mostly for me to ramble on about the build. I'll follow you right back on pinterest! Thanks!

    1. Stephanie, I just have to tell you how funny it is to hear your story since that is exactly how I started. First it was just a blog for my remodel, and then it was an obsession with interior design for my house and now it is a business! Hey, interior design is an art - either you have it or you don't - it's not necessarily something you can be taught so I say go for it!

      Whether this is just a little hobby for your home or it turns into more I can tell you have a great eye and thank you again for your help!
      Keep in touch...

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