Sunday, June 13, 2010


More kitchen inspiration...


we like the white counter tops in this kitchen. is that too much white on white? the island might be a dark blue so the white would look good on the island but maybe not on top of the white cabinets...


we like the clean and simple look of this kitchen and the cabinets


we might have to arrange our table like they do in this picture to get it to fit in the narrow kitchen space. I think it's a great solution.


we are looking at arranging our freezer and refrigerator almost exactly how they have them in this pic. I also love the cabinets on the island. it's a great kitchen. we love the symmetry.


  1. Oooh! I really like the Tara Fingold and the Molly Fey. I love the touch of blue in the Molly Fey. I agree with what you said about the Taylor Hanna-maybe too much white on white with cabinets and the countertops.

  2. Yes! I really like the Tara. I think the idea of turning your table like the Molly is great. I agree with Emily about the white-on-white, i would want more contrast. I like the separate freezer/fridge. I love the big cabinets on the island thats perfect for pots/pans/appliances. I love the idea of doing a dark blue island, I think a wood counter would look awesome on it and then white cupboards with carrara marble counter and backsplash. If you do it all the same (cabinets/island/counters) it might feel a little cold and modern. If you mix colors and textures it livens up the space. But you want it to match to so I'll think of some combinations it might be worth it to try some of your pics with polyvore.

  3. Thanks Chels and Em. I agree - the white on white is too much. And Chels that's a great idea about Polyvore. I like the idea of a navy blue island with a wood top, or even white top but I'm a little scared to try it since I've never seen it. Maybe if we can put it together on Polyvore I will have a better idea.

  4. Good ideas! I love the symmetry and separate freezer fridge! Your house is going to be beautiful!


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