Friday, March 27, 2015


sweetest e-design pillow project
Oh my clients, how I do love thee...

I was thinking about work and why I continue to do interior design for clients, because there are a lot of days I think it would be a lot easier on myself, my family, and my body if I took a break. And then I think of the fulfillment I get from being creative, but more than that, I LOVE working with the people I do.

cosmetic upgrade for the nicest client
Every time I get a request for new projects I get a little giddy. Almost like a first-date. Meeting my clients for the first time, being allowed into their homes, their lives, and being privy to very personal details is an honor and privilege. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, I am so grateful for the opportunity every time I am hired to work with a new client or on a new project.

a collaboration that made me proud
I have learned so much from my clients.

I have learned graciousness and timeless style. I have seen what it really means to be sweet and kind deep down. I have been inspired by a client/collaborator who is kind and gets things done in a professional, efficient and creative way - a balance I thought was impossible. I am inspired by the humility of a client who could be anything but humble. I have found I have so much in common with a client that we even share the same birthday! I have seen how you parent your children and I leave wanting to be better. I have seen the sacrifice it takes to save the money to make your home your favorite space and the gratitude you have for all you have. I have laughed with so many of you at the comical way everything can go wrong in the remodeling/designing process. I have been a guest in your home and not wanted to leave because you made me feel so welcome (and every time I eat Skinny Girl lime popcorn I can't help but think of you :) I have seen how the various times of life creates for different needs in the home and I am fascinated by how we all live and constantly change and adjust. I have seen how redesigning a home helps some move on, and how it helps others not forget the past. We have spent many hours getting caught up on lost time since we last saw each other, talked about our families, our friends, and the people we know. You have made me laugh so hard I've almost cried. You brought me soup when I was sick and pregnant and made my week with that simple gesture when I wanted to give up. You reminded me how grateful I should be for what I have when I hear the trials you have gone through in your life. You inspire me with your personal style and great clothes. You take me to concerts and introduce me to Celine Dion (I couldn't resist that little brag) but really I am more starstruck by you and impressed by your talents and the way you live such a down-to-earth life. You are my topic of many conversations with my husband because I am so excited to tell him how funny you are, how cool I think your job is, how much I love your home, how smart you are, how beautiful your children are, and how you just "get it" and I so appreciate that.

a classic kitchen for a classy client
I have played with your children, met your parents, extended family, and been told details of your lives you haven't yet shared with your closest friends and family. We exchange Christmas cards and baby/wedding announcements. I consider you all my friends by the end of our projects and consider myself a better, more well-rounded person by being influenced by you.

a new living room for a new client turned friend
Every single e-design, one-hour consultation, and full design project has made an impact on me. I am so grateful to you, my clients, for wanting me. For appreciating my skills and talents and feeling like I am worth spending your hard earned money on having me help you create a home. I hope you know and feel the gratitude I have for you when we meet, talk, and correspond. I wish I could personally let each of you know specifically just how you influenced my life, but I hope you read this and know that I really am talking about you when I say that my life has been enriched by you.

Oh my clients, how I love thee...


  1. oh and how i love you! you are a true star in the design world. your talent and kindness amaze me. so so glad i had even a small opportunity to work with you. whenever i curl up with my pillows i think of you and how those simple little pillows came to be. bless you marianne! xo

  2. lovely post! i am sure your clients feel the same about you!

  3. I just want to say publicly, the feeling is mutual! We adore the lovely and talented, fun and fabulous Marianne Brown! Thank you for holding our hand through our remodel, and leading us along with patience and your valued opinion. You give us the confidence to keep going, and I know we're going to love this home you're helping us create.

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