Thank you for your interest in our design services! We absolutely love what we do and are always excited about new projects. The mission of White and Gold Design is to build a room that feels like you. Using our knowledge of construction and design we hope to help you create a space that feels like home. Thoughtful Design is our motto, and we will be thoughtful with your home, your time and your money.

If you are thinking about building or remodeling a home. We highly recommend you hire an interior designer the same time you hire your contractor. The bones of the home and the finishes are just as important as your furniture and accessories. We specialize in new-construction and remodels but see the design all the way through to the very last accent pillow. 

White and Gold offers full-service design services for clients in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas. We love to travel and are willing to do so if you live a further distance and are interested in working with us. 

Our detailed services are as follows:

Design Services:
Working together to complete a space, from a new build or remodel to changing up your living room. This begins with a consultation at your home and is full-service from beginning to end. We'll help as much as you need with whatever you need.
Rates dependent upon project

1 hour consultation:
You need someone to help you decide what is the best direction for your space. We'll spend an hour walking through your home or focus on one area. Ask away your questions, we LOVE giving our opinion!

E Design
You want to execute but we'll do all the sourcing! You just need a concept and directions.  E-Design includes a design board, ideas for the room and a list of sources so you can purchase the items and get going!
Rate depends on scope of project - starting at $150

Design Dilemma
Do you have one simple question - just one, that you'd love us to answer? Key word SIMPLE :) What are favorite gray paint colors? Where can I find a good price on X,Y,Z? How high would you hang my drapes? What pillow colors would work well with my sofa? If you have one simple design question, we have one simple answer.  Send us a pic and we'll get you on the right track. If your question is not so simple Edesign may be the route for you.
$10  per question

If you are interested in any of our services please email us at

We will be in contact as soon as possible


  1. This is such a genius idea. I submitted my dilemma in the morning and an easy $10 later I had my answer by the afternoon! It was something I had been stewing over for months, and I needed a second opinion of someone with a great eye who's taste I admired and trusted, but I didn't want to take advantage of White + Gold's time by simply emailing them. This was the perfect solution, and I'm so happy about it! Thank you guys:)

  2. Love this idea, will take you up on it sometime.

  3. How can I contact you for the services? :)


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