Tuesday, July 1, 2014


And now for the fun part! Furnishing my virtual dream house in the Lake Village built by Destination Homes.

To furnish this entire home would possibly be the world's longest post, so I'm going to spare you (and myself), and just focus on my favorite areas of the home: the kitchen dining nook, and the family room.

Here is a reminder of the space we have to work with...

There isn't a lot of space for a table and chairs, so I want to be creative with the space. I like to eat at a table versus the bar, so this space will be my hang out in the morning when I eat my cereal.

I want to combine this look...

breakfast nook by Victoria Hagen
with this look...

New England Home
I love the idea of having a mirror on the wall making the space appear bigger. I'm a big fan of the lantern over the table, and I want a white table.

a. floating mirror b. oversized lantern c. lisa golightly art d. corner chairs e. white and walnut dining table f. natural wood and rush chairs g. colorful bowl

The corner chairs will be perfect to create an "L" shape for the corner of the nook, against the wall. I think the space is too small for a built-in, so this is the perfect solution. In reality, the mirror wouldn't be centered - the mirror would go on one wall, the art stacked on top of each other on the other wall. I think it would be a perfect nook that will go with my black + white + carrara kitchen.


This room has a beautiful fireplace in the center of it, which is one of my favorite features of this home. I want a room that has a feel like these photos...

This has been a favorite of mine for a long time - love the light, the oh-so-impractical white sofas, and the natural woven coffee table.

The simple fireplace and the clean lines of this room is both timeless, modern, and serene.

And to put a twist on it - I would love to use some of the colors in this room. It would make the room just a little more happy.

a. lantern b. consoles c. chinese jar d. oversized print e. chaise f. blue pillow g. wicker storage baskets h. striped throw i. inexpensive white sofa j. seagrass coffee table k. madeline weinrib rug

It's hard to really know the layout of this room from the board, but I would of course have the art over the fireplace in the center of the room. If you look at the floor plan you see there is quite a bit of space to the sides of the fireplace, where I would place these modern consoles. I am scared of white sofas with kids, but this sofa is only $1000, so I think I could try it for a year or two and if it gets really dirty and unsalvageable I won't be super sad. There's always bleach, right?!

And how about the pop of color in this fantastic Madeline Weinrib rug? The pink with the blues and natural seagrass helps ground the room and make it feel more young and casual.

By seeing these two rooms you can possibly imagine how the rest of the home is going to go. Fresh, classic, casual, with modern touches.

And that's it for my Virtual Dream Home! Now if you are looking in Daybreak to buy, just follow my four blog posts and you will have a beautiful home unlike any other in Daybreak :)

And remember to check out the other posts and how my friends finished off their virtual dream homes.


  1. Beautiful home interior designing and interior furnishing!

  2. Lovable interior designing and interior furnishing!

  3. I love the consoles! How much do they cost? Can I get them through you?

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Yes, you can order them through me! Message me for more information - whiteandgolddesign@me.com.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I agree. Your virtual dream home is going to be homey and comfortable. Those beautiful furniture finds already tell it all! Now, I’m excited to see the end result. Keep us posted!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

  5. You have a great choice of design for the plan you have, for your house. The furniture is arranged quite perfectly and fashionably. I can just imagine how comfy and peaceful the house will be, once you carried out those ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Oliver Matthews @ Flower And Fendler


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