Monday, January 19, 2015


I am lucky enough to have had Scott Davis shoot my house twice now - once for Fox Group Construction's portfolio, and the other time for

It was quite the ordeal to have them come. We basically had to move out of our house for two days. They moved all of our furniture on the main floor into other rooms, but they were great to work with and really professional. They put everything back to its original place when it was all done, and it was like they were never there. Pretty impressive considering how much they had to move around. You can see for yourself in the photos.

I never actually saw this campaign, but Scott sent me his favorite photos from the shoot, (which turned out great). It was entertaining for me to see my home in a whole new light. It's amazing what different furnishings do to the same home.

the living room styled as a wintery bedroom

living room as another bedroom setup 
dining room

product shot in the kitchen

living room with overstock furniture

And just to refresh your memory of what these rooms look like normally...

living room
dining room
Quite the change, right?!


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