Tuesday, June 17, 2014


As you know, I help with a lot of residential investment properties that my investors restore to their glory once again. A lot of times these homes are inexpensive homes with not a lot of curb appeal, and my job feels like I'm simply polishing a turd (excuse the graphic description, but that's what it feels like)

Once in a while I get cute little homes like this little charmer. It is in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, and I only helped with the exterior paint colors, but it turned out quite nicely and I thought I would share it to inspire you this summer to give your exterior a little paint face-lift.


I almost hated painting the exposed brick because I think it's charming having that showing, but there wasn't a good way to paint the home and be able to leave it.

We painted the body of the home Benjamin Moore White Dove (my favorite go-to white), and the trim Ben Moore Narragansett Green. The home was built in 1891, so I wanted to achieve an architectural feel that would fit the time period of the home. I think the green and creamy white colors achieved the right look. And just think what some planter boxes under the windows and shutters on the window to the left of the front door would do.

another before pic - notice the light green roof

But what really made this home pop, was coating the roof asphalt shingles with a black sealant to make the roof darker and give the home contrast. I mean, what would you do with that light mint roof shingle? It made finding a paint color for the exterior almost impossible - that's why the entire home at one time was painted white. Blah. This little trick has saved us on our exterior remodels! Re-roofing is expensive and when it's not necessary, this is the best solution for us. My little trick-of-the-trade - don't tell! :)

If you have an exterior face-lift, please share! I'm a sucker for an exterior face-lift.


  1. Thank you so much! We are looking for a house to remodel and so many times the roof is a terrible orange brown. I wonder if this black sealer would work?

  2. I was searching for a good contractor to renovate my house. After checking your blog's photos, i am seriously thinking to hire you. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.


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