Thursday, September 26, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen my art finds from the Chelsea Garage in New York City, and if not, I hope you enjoy my art finds and make sure you stop by the Chelsea Garage Flea Market next time you are in the city. Such gems there!

We have been looking for an original art piece for this space for 3 years - we couldn't be happier to have finally found something - thanks to fantastic flea markets in big cities!
English Oil painting from the 1800's
Small oil painting from an estate sale
American Oil Painting
This little guy is the nicest painting we bought and gets to hang out with our cheesy-but-stylish David bust on our piano.
Italian oil painting from the late 1700's
with all the new art we rearranged our existing art
All of this original art makes me feel like my home is more complete. And can I tell you a well known secret? Nothing will make you feel "moved in" to your home like art on your walls - seriously nothing. So quit procrastinating and save up some $ or buy cheap art and get some art on your walls. 

TIPS FOR BUYING ART: Buy what you love. Buy meaningful/personal pieces that reflect you and your family. And spend money on framing - it will make the cheapest print seem like the most beautiful piece of art.


  1. all beautiful! and, i love all the frames almost as much as the art. gorgeous.

  2. I've always defined ''rich'' as being able to afford the art you want. Even though we are all rich by the standards of 98% of the world, I still find my spare change going to pay tuition bills rather than things to hang on my walls. Oh, one day, they WILL graduate! :)

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