Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Ashley P. and Me (sounds like a book title :)
She's only been working at White + Gold Design for a month, but we are already dressing alike! Yes, we have a new assistant, ASHLEY PULVER, and she might also happen to be my best-friend of 25 years. Next-door neighbors growing up, went to the same college, and now we live a block away from each other and work together! I can't get enough of this girl!

But she didn't become a member of the team just because she knows "the boss" :) Ashley is the most organized, friendly, and on-top-of-it girl I know. I don't know how I ever did this business without her. She is the one behind-the-scenes who is making sure all of your furniture/tile/lighting/etc. gets ordered, arrives on time, and keeps my creative and crazy brain on track.

Ashley also has a great eye for design and I trust and value her opinion. She has added so much to W+G Design and I can't wait to see the places this business is going to go with such a great team. BTW no one can mix a Diet Coke + Dr. Pepper better than her :) We are both big fans of the "mix" (you have got to try it).



  1. That really is the best soda mix! I agree!

  2. I'm all for the Ashley P. And Me book! :) How fun to have her there. And honestly, how amazing are you to be busy enough to need a right hand man to "handle" your stuff. Go you! xo

  3. agh you guys are darling. How fun.

  4. Yay! Two of my most favorite people! You guys are amazing!

  5. Yeah! Two of the nicest prettiest most hilarious girls working together, how fun!!

  6. Ashley has the cutest shoes....can you tell us where you got them? THX!


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