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I don't think I have ever worked with a client who needed new dining chairs and didn't want them to be somewhat "kid-friendly". We all have children in our lives, whether it's our own children, or grandchildren, or the children of our friends and family. We need chairs that will withstand the wear and tear of juice-spilling, messy-handed, climbing and kicking kids, and I have some great picks for you.

Below are my favorite kid-friendly dining chairs. All of them are affordable, but keep this in mind- if you want your chairs to last a long time and will be used by children, don't go cheap. Buy a nice substantial chair. Some of these options are inexpensive by design, but if there are two versions of a chair you love - chances are the pricier version is better constructed and might be worth the purchase.

And here are our favorites!

a. Crate & Barrel's Vienna dining chair in Apple - $99.95 
this is the classic bistro chair from France, but it's also great with the kiddos (all wood) and you can add a cute slipcovered seat cushion that is easy to wash if it get's dirty. I have chairs like these at my house and I LOVE them. And what's not to love with that apple color?!

b. Anthropologie's Henri dining chair - $85
a unique take on the bistro shaped chair. This chair comes in navy and white as well. I love that it has a handle on the top so it's easy to pull in and out. It's all wood construction also makes it super kid-friendly.
c. Modani Louis White Armless chair - $250 
okay, I want this chair so bad! The Louis chair is always a favorite of mine, and this chair is upholstered in white leatherette (faux leather) so you can wipe any spill away! It has a more formal look that you can put in your dining room without worrying about who is sitting on your nice dining chairs. A great chair. 
d. Zuo Modern Wickham White dining chair - $350
unique and classically-modern. The Wickham chair is constructed out of steel so no child is going to do any damage to this chair. And how cool is the shape? I would have cushions made for this chair to soften it a bit. This is definitely the "cool-kids house" dining chair. 
e. Serena & Lily's Riviera Side Chair - $245
if you follow my blog you know how much I love this chair. We bought 5 for a client with three children 6 yrs. old and under and she has nothing but rave reviews for this chair. It is another French-inspired bistro chair that is constructed with real wicker wood and plastic. Great for spills and your little climbers. 
f. Baxton Studio Wishbone black chair - $170
my favorite mid-century modern kid-friendly chair. The hemp seat cleans up surprisingly well and as long as your kids don't have their shoes on climbing on the chair, it should hold up fantastically. A great classic piece.
g. Home Decorator's Garden side chair - $109
everyone loves a garden tub chair. I chose the Home Decorator's version because of the fun color and great price point. I like the metal finish as well, but this happy red color would brighten any space. And made out of aluminum, this chair can be used indoors and out, and hosed off after the crazy kids have gone to sleep :)
h. Mediterranean Bistro arm-chair - $260
I saw this chair in person and fell in love. I like how it's very classic with the white and wood, but it's also so good for kids. Very solid construction, and unique with the arms, this is a good arm-chair option for the ends of your table, to be paired with other chairs. 
i. DWR Salt Chair - $109
Design Within Reach never disappoints, and at this price point and in Gray, I am in love with this solid-wood chair. It has a little country appeal, but it also has a mid-century look too. And this comes in white, black, and red as well. A fantastic piece.
j. Baxton Studio Birch Sapling chair - $160 (for 2)
I have seen this chair used in commercial settings, so I know it can withstand the test of children. I like how it's modern, but pretty. And the molded plastic is crazy durable, so no worries with this one. I would pair these with a wood-stained table. 

I would love to hear which chairs are your favorite, and if you actually own or know someone who owns any of these chairs. It is so helpful to get real-life reviews on our favorite furniture picks before we buy, right?! 


  1. Great roundup!! I love the Wickham!!


  2. This is an awesome, helpful roundup! Thanks for putting it together!

  3. This is so helpful, thanks for the great chair solutions. I would love a similar post on barstools.

    1. Yes! I will definitely do one on barstools - great idea.

  4. So great!! Love the first 2 chairs! They would add so much to a dining room!!

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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