Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Cement tile, where have you been all my life?!! Why did I miss you when I was remodeling my home? I would have installed you in my bathrooms and laundry room in a heartbeat had I known you.

How I love you, let me count the ways...
1. You are more affordable than your handmade mexican and morroccan porcelain tile counterparts
2. You are more durable
3. You are customizable in so many fantastic ways

Granada Tile has a great customization program that shows what it will look like with the different colors and even shows it installed.

I LOVE this pattern. I can't wait to use it in a project...

star cross
And can I tell you how much I adore this pattern as well? At only $15 a sq. ft. this is a no-brainer.

cement tile shop Agadir
cement tile shop Tanger
I love a great geometric - reminds me of something Kelly Wearstler would use in one of her projects...

cement tile shop Geo
And don't get me started on how cool this tile could be in the right application - a small powder room perhaps?

cement tile shop Geo 16
cement tile shop Diamond
I am loving this Fez pattern - would love it as a kitchen backsplash too.

granada tile Fez
I am especially fond of this source for the cement tile (although I'm not sure how pricey it is). I mean look at this pattern!

And look at how they laid it making the coolest mosaic tile that I would never tire of.

And here are some other installed photos of some great cement tiles...

Mosaic House has some AMAZING tiles - just look at them installed! Not sure how $$ but they might be worth every penny!

Have any of you used cement tiles in your projects or your own home? If you have a favorite source, please share!!


  1. i've been totally dreaming about cement tiles too. i had no idea they were such a great price. thanks for all the sources!

  2. Obsessed. Literally! So amazing.

  3. Gah!!!! Amazing. Bookmarking this for future reference for sure.

  4. Nice post. The reason cement tiles cost like they do is because each one is hand made and they are made one at a time. It is a very laborious process.
    Watch the videos on our website: Making cement tile

    If you ever look at real estate listings in South FL you see that second after mentioning that a house is on the water, the next mention is if they have cement tile. (Often called Cuban tile in FL). The ARE an investment but are considered a treasure !

  5. these are really nice designs :)

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  7. Wonderful post and always thrilled to see folks get excited about cement tile! The ability to choose the colors you want for a pattern or even create your own pattern makes them a design dream! For more inspiration and installtions, see Avente's Cement Tile Design Ideas and blog, Tile Talk.

  8. Awesome post, Marianne. I knew I loved this stuff but you pointed out so many new sources and looks. Thanks!

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