Tuesday, April 30, 2013


If you have ever read my comments on my blog, chances are you have seen a comment or two from one of my most supportive friends, Chelsea Horsley. You may also remember her little girl's darling bedroom we featured. If there were such a thing as design twins, I think she would be mine. I love everything she does. And now I get to shop her fantastic furniture+accessory picks on a new online decor shop, Joy & Revelry!!

The online store is somewhat of a spinoff of One King's Lane's Tastemaker Tag Sales - but these "tastemaker sales" are always going on at Joy & Revelry (thank goodness) so you don't miss out!

Did you also know that another designer that I have worked with is on this site - yes, another fav, Paloma Contreras from La Dolce Vita has her own shop as well!

There are even more great "tastemakers" - Rue Magazine, Copy Cat Chic, Bryn Alexandra, and Courtney Out Loud. And you have to see the fantastic products they are offering at very reasonable prices!

I have my eye on this light fixture for a client and can't wait to present it to them! Such a great and unique piece for the price.

And don't get me started on these bookends - they remind me of some I had in my home growing up. Totally vintage and cool.

This rug is fantastic and reminds me a lot of the favorite Lulu & Georgia rug I've been loving for so long. And it's an indoor/outdoor rug! Perfect for the kiddos and pets.

And possibly one of the best features is that they have pics and videos of the product in real life so you can see what it really looks like. Rugs are especially hard to imagine and the color changes a lot from a picture to actual product. (see what I mean?!)

How cool is this hexagon side table?!! Um, unique and affordable. Yes please.

More than the fact that I'm excited about these great unique finds now so readily available to me, I am so PROUD of these designers and all of the effort that has gone into this website. A new e-commerce website that will be competing with the likes of GILT and OKL is not an easy task, but I think they have a great site and I am excited to add it to my list of "go-to" websites when I look for product for my clients and my own home.

Hope you check it out!
(and no, this is not a sponsored post, and nobody asked me to post about this - just really excited about this new site!)


  1. I ABSOLUTELY love you!! I am just now getting to check my google reader and this has totally made my day. Design Twin is right on, and someday we'll get to work side by side! I'm flattered and so happy you like the site. Your feedback and opinion is so important to me. Thanks Marianne! xoxo

  2. It was very nice to see your glowing words were not a sponsored ad. Brings so much more credibility. Looking forward to checking this out.


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