Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Wow, starting the day with some rhyming over here. Awesome! Wanted to share a quick sneak peek at our almost completed project - a dental office in Salt Lake City called Parley's Creek. We will be sure to share more of this office once it is finished, it is definitely the coolest dental office we've ever seen!

For the kids area of the waiting room, we wanted something on the wall to define the space and also as an art element to the room. We had to idea to use the amazing Anthropologie large zinc letters to spell out Play in the corner. It turned out so modern and is one of our favorite elements of the room. Can't wait to share more!


  1. LOVE this! who would have thought those letters would make such a statement - perfection :)

  2. It's like a huge invitation. Love it!

  3. I love that adorable kids' corner! The letters are perfect there!

  4. I'm kind of obsessed with everything about everything I've seen about this room! When we move back you can tell Dr. Dan (that's right, right?) that I'm in. Purely for the design alone, I don't care how if he's good or not.


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