Thursday, December 13, 2012


This isn't the newest Ikea hack out there, but this is definitely my new favorite. I LOVE a great chaise, but sometimes it feels like the one piece in your living room, extra room, that you don't want to spend a lot of money on, so when I saw this Ikea hack on Pinterest, (originally published in House Beautiful), I had to share. This is also the perfect idea for big city apartment dwellers on a budget.

The owner, Zach Motl, used the Ikea MALM bed frame and simply put the headboard piece at both ends to create the chaise. It's only $89 as shown below, so I'm guessing if you buy 2 headboards instead it might be a little bit more.

Then you need a mattress to create the cushion. I personally would get the Ikea memory foam mattress so it has that nice boxy look like Motl's, but it would be super comfy to sit and sleep on. You could buy one of their spring mattresses for a $100 less too, but I would make sure it wasn't a thin mattress like Ikea used in the photo above.

And then it's time to make a cover for the mattress. I would make one or have one made that wrapped around the entire mattress with a zipper in the center, or velcro that would go underneath. And of course I would love a blue velvet, like the one I used on my sofa.

 Or something a little less serious, like this cotton/linen stripe fabric...

I also think you could get away without a lot of sewing by wrapping the mattress in the fabric and securing it underneath somehow. (I have some ideas in mind using elastic material and sewing strips that secure onto buttons). Other options for covers might be an extra large blanket or even a woven rug - you can get really creative.

Then make some bolster's like he did, or I love this gold dot pillow from Caitlin Wilson that would be amazing with the blue velvet or the stripe.

All in all you would probably be into this chaise around $500. That is WAY less expensive than any chaise I could find that would be comparable in style. And look what Zach Motl's chaise turns into at night...

GENIUS! Like I said, perfect for small-space dwellers! And here is another view of his Ikea hack chaise.

I love the round bolster pillows. I am seriously considering this hack for my own home, but mine would go in my basement family room and I would do a really fun fabric on the cover, because I could in that space. And how great would this be when my kids have a sleepover and need an extra bed! The ideas keep coming :)

If you have an Ikea hack that you've done or you love, please share by commenting or sending us an email. We would love to post it!


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