Friday, November 16, 2012


For some reason in my home I can't feel totally satisfied with my living room/family room. I love my side chairs and I like my sofa and ottoman, but I have a hard time accessorizing this area. What pillows? Where do I put the throw? On the ottoman, on the sofa, where?! I've also been trying to fill up the wall behind the sofa and finally found some antique prints that I really liked.

Here is my living room before...

I loved my City Square Pillows with the gold rope piping, but they were constantly in the way and getting moved every time we sat down on the couch. I decided I wanted lumbar pillows and it honestly took me 2 months to find a fabric my husband and I liked (and then he ended up not liking them).

Here is my front room now (the other photo is professional, this is an iPhone photo so the color is very different - my first photo is a better representation of color)...

 In this photo my pillows are all lined up - not sure how I like them. Which way do you like?

I have been in a very velvety mood for the last few months so I decided on a yellowish gold velvet. I like how it picks up the tones from my gold mirror, but for some reason I feel like this room might be too grown-up for me. I really wanted to do a graphic animal-ish print like this to add some graphic appeal and color, and to balance out the antiques and gold tones.

But I don't know if that feels right either. My husband thought we might get sick of the animal print pillows too quickly - he wanted something more basic and classic. What do you think? I am loving the lumbar size but not quite sure about the fabric.

I do love my new antique prints however. And I'm a symmetry gal so I liked them on each side of the mirror. My husband wanted to stack them and find something for the other side of the mirror, which we still might do, but I kind of like it this way.

My living room is ever-changing and always evolving. It's funny that I have a harder time with my own home than I do with choosing things for clients. Maybe it's because I'm always seeing it and over-thinking it. I need to take a step back and try and look at this room objectively. I would love your help! What do you think?


  1. I love the pillows asymmetrical! You have some good bones in that room for sure. I say add some animal print...once you do you'll see it really spruces up your plan, and it ends up more timeless than you think. You could even slipcover your cane seat and back with animal print!
    Have fun.
    xo Nancy

  2. I like the pillows all lined up - guess I'm a symmetry girl too! And you know how I feel about animal print..

  3. I say add in some animal print. Even if you get sick of them in a year or whatever who cares. They're pillows, move them to a guest room and sew some new ones. I change out the pillows on my couch a few times a year but the fabric is inexpensive and I sew them myself. The gold is nice though and I like them lined up as well!

  4. Velvet, yum. Me too. All I can think of lately in decorating is velvet. You might be sick of navy velvet, and I might not be seeing enough of the big picture, but I'm liking the idea of navy velvet on those pillows. Something to anchor them down a bit, bring those dark tones of the vintage prints out. I don't know though, your taste is nearly flawless in my opinion? I'd love to see at least a picture of the prints held side by side :) (funny- me and wy were doing the same thing last night in our family room). I can't decide if I like this one piece of art as the standout piece anymore, or if I want to add smaller pieces around it to create a gallery wall. It's ever changing.

  5. Try the faux fur pillows from Restoration Hardware in the mink colour.

  6. what a beautiful room! those cane chairs are amazing, amazing, amazing. i like the pillows not lined up - i think it adds to the more casual, younger feel you mentioned. and i agree with brandi that you can always move pillows from room to room if you get tired of them....and animal prints are classic and fairly neutral, so you can't go wrong! i don't think you'll be sorry if you mix it up a bit :) you're so sweet to ask all of our opinions...hope you don't regret it - ha!

  7. I love the sofa and the yellow gold lumbars but I love the idea of the graphic animal print! I think a deeper or bolder colour would look amazing too - what about an indigo blue velvet or kelly green? Gorgeous space no matter what you do xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  8. I like your husband's idea to stack the prints on one side and something else on the other side because the prints seem to be out of proportion next to the large mirror and white wall. I'm a symmetry girl for sure but getting the proportion right always wins. What about a large textured tray on the ottoman? This will allow you to style it with a mini boxwood, a stack of books, etc. Maybe in a seagrass that matches the tone of that lovely wood side table. And, maybe a sofa table behind that fab linen couch? Styling sofa tables are always fun. This way, you can also add height to the room with a pair of lamps, an orchid or if we're sticking to symmetry, a couple of boxwood topiaries? I'm a fan of layering neutrals over neutrals but I make sure to change the textures (i.e. faux fur, stripes, polka dots, etc. in the same color story). Sorry for the long comment! Just suggestions. Anything you do to that room will be amazing. You have great taste!!!

  9. I love the velvet! I have to ask...where did you get your ottoman? I love it!

  10. I love the velvet! I have to ask...where did you get your ottoman? I love it!


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