Monday, November 5, 2012


Today Marianne and I are making the trek out to IKEA to pick up some items for clients and for the new office space. To survive IKEA I always need 3 things. A plan, a partner and a giant Diet Coke. Without these crucial things I can get lost, distracted, dehydrated and purchase many items that I have absolutely no use for.. Wish us luck. These are some of the items on our radar today.

Have you seen these? Fabulous for the price - only $279!

Also loving this new addition. So great.

We always have to pick up some of our favorite velvet pillow covers.

Gonna for sure grab this graphic dotty throw

A couple of these: 

To help us recreate this gorgeousness on a budget. 

And I think we'll be good to go! Picked up anything fabulous from IKEA lately? Share your favs!


  1. I LOVE those wingback chairs. They are just delish.

    FYI, I'm giving away a vintage botanical chart (by the same maker as the ones in the last picture) on my blog. They are absolutely stunning!

  2. I love those wingback chairs too. Can't believe they are Ikea. Good luck with your shopping!

  3. I love that new wicker chair too. My favorite thing from Ikea is the basic slipcovered Ektorp couch for $399. The price is ridiculous and it has a 10-year structural warranty, that many designer pieces don't have, and it looks fantastic where ever you put it.

  4. Lol. You definitely need a plan, a partner and tunnel vision to not be distracted at Ikea. You are a riot. Happy to be a new follower. Just found you via Design Manifest. Amazing work.


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