Monday, November 12, 2012


If you live in Utah and you have picked up a design magazine in the last year you will have seen photos of the Washington School House Hotel in Park City, but the other day I picked up my Traditional Home Magazine and saw a feature on the hotel in there and I remembered how much I love this hotel. For my next birthday or anniversary I am going to put a weekend stay at this hotel on my list, for sure!

The design of this hotel is almost EXACTLY how I would want to design a hotel if ever I had the chance. It is a wintery dreamland filled with antique furniture and velvet sofas.

The hotel was designed by Paul and Shannon Wehsener of Paul Allen Design based out of California. Here are some photos from the hotel's website. Check out their photo gallery for more (I know I can't get enough!)

Amazing, right?! Hope you enjoyed these photos of this hotel as much as I did! Happy Monday!


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