Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I love coming across a pin that inspires the **#(@ out of me.  It doesn't happen all that often, but this bad boy stopped me right there in my pinning tracks. We love the combo of black & white for so many reasons, its classic, clean and always chic. Black and white simply makes it easier to get a rich and expensive look, without spending serious cash. The arched ceiling and lighting add to the gorgeousness here, but this could be a great way to add character to your own without blowing your budget. Adding a simple chair rail to the hall and getting busy with some paint. What a statement! This treatment would also look fabulous in a bathroom, bedroom, office - you name it!

Do any of you have  "look" that you do when you are "plotting" what you want to change about your own home? I do, and my husband calls me on it all the time! Usually I'm sitting on the couch looking around thinking hard, and he will yell STOP IT! It looks fine! So funny. This picture has me doing the "look" trying to figure out where to try this out.

Here are some other B&W pins that we have been loving lately.

You can never go wrong with a little buffalo check.

I have an obsession with black tubs. Bathrooms are another great place to stick with basic black and white for a classic, expensive look and feel. 

Black border adds interest. 

Dying over that tub! It's not an expensive change to paint your tub, just giving you more ideas :)

Gorgeous soapstone counters and backsplash

Simple and Chic

Black and white pattern can also add an element of whimsy and glam

 This would be another way to add great design, without spending serious money. Black tile layed in a herringbone pattern with lighter grout. Done and Done. 
Black and White... Always right. Our mantra here at White + Gold :)

For these images and even more black and white inspirational images, check out our Black and White Pinboard here. 


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