Friday, October 19, 2012

WHAT'S UP - 10.19.12

We are busy little bees here at White + Gold Design with not a lot of time to blog this week. I apologize. But get excited because Jamie and I have a few things up our sleeve for the blog that are really exciting, so I hope we haven't lost you already!

We also have some very exciting news about the design biz that I can't officially announce until I sign the contract, but I will tell you as soon as I can. (It's actually not really that cool, but it is a big deal for me).

+ As for what I can tell you, this week we are getting to the last stage of our N Street project and I'm stressing getting the last details nailed down. A couple of the lights I ordered are on back order and I am in desperate need of finding a wood chandelier for the dining room for less than $500. This was the beauty I had ordered from Circa Lighting...

Any ideas of another chandelier that is similar but not crazy pricey? I'm on the prowl...

+ Jamie and I are concocting a (hopefully) cool DIY project with some white + gold washi tape.

Or we might do it with stickers...

Anyone know if stickers come of walls very easily if they are on there for a long time?

I just got the new Nate Berkus book and I AM IN LOVE! This book is right on with my personal design philosophy of "thoughtful design".  I will write a more detailed book review for you but until then check it out!

One of my clients is considering tile like this for her bathroom and I say YES! What do you think? Another idea is to break it up and do half the wall this tile and the other half a marble or something.

I saw this scalloped skirt on Pinterest and I have a crush :) I don't have anything scalloped in my closet and I need something scalloped. I am sensing a DIY project coming on...I've been watching too much Project Runway and now I have this bug in me to make something! BTW did you see the finale?!! My favorite designer won! When they announced the winner I totally did a touchdown-worthy-hands-in-the-air shout for joy.

And after all of the randomness of this post...that's what's up!


  1. Stickers won't come off of the wall very easily but the washi tape will!

    1. Thank you so much for the info. I think we may have to go with the Washi tape then!

  2. Oh I love the tile! Yes, yes yes do it! Scalloped skirt...wish I could pull it off. Haven't watched the final yet of Project Runway so I skipped the spoiler lol Here are inexpensive light fixtures similar in style. Good luck!

    1. Stephanie! You are SO helpful in giving me those links! They are great alternatives and all about half the price. I'll make sure to help you out if ever needed :)
      Thanks again!

  3. I love your designs... maybe because I have similar taste :-) I used that arabesque tile as my back splash and am mucho happy with it!!


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