Monday, October 15, 2012


This is a picture of my best-friend, Darryl Carter. OKAY, he doesn't know he's my best-friend, but I'm pretty sure we would be if we ever met! Or maybe not, but I do LOVE his style. Oh, do I love his style, and let me count the ways...

1) He loves white as much as I do. (take a look at all off his interiors - all white walls!)

2) He has a minimalist approach to design. (I too think less is more)

3) He has a definite American vibe. (I lean more American than anything else)

4) His designs are so classic, meaningful and unique! (you all know how much I believe in meaningful design)

5) He uses a lot of American antiques. (I LOVE a great American antique, but antiques need to be balanced with modern, or the less-is-more approach)

6) He is based out of Washington D.C. and has a very "D.C. style" (My design aesthetic came from loving my grandparents style, which is very D.C., because they lived in Washington D.C.. It's where my Mom was born and raised and where half of my family was born)

Mr. Carter is a self-taught designer who happened to be an attorney before he became one of the great American designers. Because I too am a "self-taught" designer I always love to hear the success stories of other people who did not go to school. 
And now for Darryl Carter's greatest-hits. And Darryl, if you happen by this post, call me! 

all images via pinterest

 Let's start with my long-time favorite...

A lamp on the floor?! Kind of like it in this space.

Love all the white w the black accents.

A very unconventional dining area - so cool.

That zebra chaise is ah-mazing!

Loving all the white + the glass shelves that see through to the kitchen.

Warm whites.

Super cool kitchen - look at that antique table turned into an island!

Beautiful bedroom with more white + black + zebra

Shelving genius + I love the white painted floor.

Antiques in the bathroom + the chevron floor.

Love this classic bathroom

Antiques but in a modern, eclectic set-up.

I'm a sucker for a kilim/antique rug in a kitchen

Wainscot + white + wood

Beautiful designed round table setting

More zebra! And I'm loving the piano decor.

He used the trendy chalk-board idea in a more modern + classy way

Maybe the only thing by BFF is missing is some gold in his designs. Or he could start a new design firm called White + Black next to my design firm White + Gold! What do you think?

Also, as you look at his work you definitely see a lot of repeats (zebra rugs, black accents, traditional sconces, white sofas). As a designer I have this fear of people thinking I'm a one-note designer, but in a way my friend Darryl has a little of that going on and I don't mind it one bit. What do you think? Is it good to have such a definite style that defines you, or is a more creative approach better?


  1. i think it's okay to have a signature style with certain recurring elements - every room is so different (not just in darryl's portfolio, but in real life!) that there's always an opportunity to mix it up, keep it fresh, keep being inspired :)

  2. um. he's a fave of mine, too. some of those images are new to me so I really enjoyed that! donna


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