Sunday, September 23, 2012


Anyone else have the Monday blues? Yes the weekend is always too short, but today I'm talking about my latest obsession.... blue velvet. I was sitting here a few weeks ago minding my own business, pinning my life away when I saw this image. INSTANT LOVE! I mean who doesn't want to sit in THIS fabulous chair to pin recipes and fitness routines? Actually if I had this office chair what is to stop me from writing the next great American novel? Absolutely nothing. I think I need the gold mug too. I love the mix of the rich velvet with white and wood, so fresh. There is something so plush, moody and romantic about this fabric. Stunning.

I had this thought that if someone would have told me a year ago that today I'd be completely obsessed with blue velvet I'd have thought they were insane. Isn't it funny how we change like that? Maybe its just me, but I have design ADD. There are classic things that I will always love, but every few months something new hits me BAM and I can't get enough.

I truly believe I would be more sophisticated if I sat in this chair on a daily basis

Who else is crushing on blue velvet? There are some great affordable options from West Elm right now.  Anyone have an all consuming current design obsession?  Its confession time! Can't wait to hear. 


  1. Oh my, me too! I wonder how many E-Designs I'd have to do to snag that Jonathan Adler one:) I'm taken by all things in the navy tone right now.

  2. Totally feeling your Monday pain my dear. Loving all of these images though. They are making everything slightly better!

  3. I love blue velvet..funny enough I'm crushing on purple velvet this morning! Great minds


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