Thursday, August 30, 2012

WHAT'S UP! 8.30.12

I have finally started to purchase lighting and tile for the N Street project. I don't know why but I get so nervous to make the first purchase of my investment projects. It's just so permanent and there's always that voice in the back of my mind saying "What if they hate these lights? What if they don't look right in the space."

Buying lighting is hard because it's the first thing you need to buy for a remodel or new build since most lighting takes 6 weeks to get in. At this point the house is just framing. How am I supposed to really know how the lights are going to look? Interior design is not for sissys :)

So I bought these Goodman Lamps from Circa Lighting for the kitchen island lights. They will be the most expensive lights in this house, but they are such a statement piece I think they are worth it.

And we bought the tub and faucet for the master bath. I am so excited for the master bath - we are putting a lot of money into the master so it should look really nice.

BTW - when I was ordering the tub I was talking with some guys on the project and all of them said they never take baths and were strictly shower people, but their wives liked to take baths. I never thought about it - do mostly only women like to take baths?

For my own house I just ordered some yellow velvet (polyester + cotton blend for stain resistance) to make lumbar pillows and add a little more color to my very beige living room. I decided to make lumbars because I am tired of always moving my pillows out of the way.

I am dry-cleaning these pillow covers and will be selling them ($60 for all 3 covers or $100 w/inserts included *SOLD*). If you're interested, send me a quick email!

And I'm trading them in to achieve a little color like in this photo.

The yellow fabric I chose isn't as bright as the yellow in the picture. I'm not as daring as I think I am, and the fabric that I found that bright yellow color was a whopping $40 a yard more...

Also my family was up at Snowbird (ski resort in Utah) all last week. It was BEAUTIFUL! I like going to the ski resorts in the summer more than the winter - go figure!

(and yes we all look like we are going to get blown off the mountain, and yes I do have eyes, I just like to hide them in pictures) 

Hope you have all had a great last week of summer! 

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