Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I would like to say that I was hired completely on my merits for this project, but truth be told it's my husband's new real estate office in downtown Salt Lake City.

It was hard to take magazine-worthy pictures of the office because, as we all know, offices like these don't look magazine-worthy once people are working in the office. So most of the pictures are detail shots.

When they got the space it was a blank canvas - a big warehouse room with cement floors. I had them paint everything white (surprise) because there are only two windows and not great overhead light so we needed to brighten up the space. The office had a really great industrial look already with the exposed brick + duct work.

The entrance to the office is still being finished, but here is a little snapshot. More to come...

The conference room is my favorite. All of the artwork are photos taken by Emily Brown Photography. We went around downtown SLC and took pictures of buildings and residences and then I had them printed on a large format printer in black + white. The frames are from Ikea. It was a pretty inexpensive art project and I like how personalized it is. No stock photos of NYC or random buildings for me :)

This office is still a work in progress and they just bought the office below them to expand so I will be working on this for the next couple of months. I'll update you on the progress!


  1. What a fun and exciting project! Love the conference room! Great job!

    House on Rene

  2. Mar- this is awesome! Wow, lucky clients. I'd book them as my agent on the SOLE fact that their office space is spectacular:)


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