Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have a new client who needed some help with paint colors for her home. She wanted a more updated, modern look and needed paint to help her achieve that look. For some rooms in her home the only color I could recommend was a shade of white. What?! White? She thought that seemed like a waste of money to have the painter just paint it white. Have you ever felt that way? Does it feel too boring? Not enough color?

This isn't the case for all homes, or all rooms, but in many cases a white room is classy, modern, traditional - whatever you want it to be because it is a blank canvas for your furnishings + artwork to take over and do all the work. Add your color with your accessories, artwork, fabric. That's why I LOVE white rooms! White also feels happy, fresh, clean. All good things.

Check out some of my favorite white rooms...

P.S. I am finally having a professional photo shoot of my house tomorrow! I can't wait to post the pictures!


  1. I have to agree. My next house with have plenty of white walls...and some doors painted in color too. Can't wait to see your house! I'm enjoying your blog!

  2. No!!! Our whole house (minus one chalkboard wall) is painted white and I love it. I'm super excited to your gorgeous house!

  3. I think for white not to be boring or look unfinished, the furnishings & artwork have to be strong. There has to be a definitely strong style or focal point, something that makes a statment otherwise you run the risl of it looking unfinished or just plain boring. That's my two cents worth!

  4. I think white looks awesome in big spaces with tons of light. In those spaces white really makes the statement. White is also so chic and lends such a modern, clean feel to a space. Totally not a waste of money.

    I think I must be more of a colored-wall gal, because the first thing I did when I moved into my tiny apartment was paint at least one wall in every room something other than the just-off-white that it was. Color just feels homey to me, and I like how I can play off of it with my (mostly neutral) furniture and accents.


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