Thursday, April 26, 2012


There are so many wonderful recipes, home decor ideas, fashion finds, workout tips, etc. on Pinterest that I often feel overwhelmed by all the wonderful things I'm missing out on, or should be doing, buying, making! Pinterest has been both a blessing and a curse :)

With that said, here are my favorite pins this month!

A cool and inexpensive wall decor idea (painted ceiling medallions from Home Depot) - wouldn't these look great in gold or turquoise?!

And a how-to on painting lamp bases this beautiful glossy finish

My new favorite Etsy photographer

And this arrangement of art + frames is amazing

Best color combination I've ever seen for a watch - thank you Anthropologie!

And this necklace is amazing!

These are the kind of recipes I like to pin - the ones easy enough a child can do them :) But seriously, don't these look so fancy and delicious for your next bbq?

Beautiful jewelry for your wall - I need something like this for my dining room.

I want to frame something in acrylic - so cool!

And this is a great link to a site that has furniture legs that fit Ikea furniture! I love these legs...

Loving the white cowhide rug layered over a natural fiber rug

And my favorite photo of the month is this beautiful kitchen with the iron windows. Perfection!

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