Monday, February 13, 2012


One of my clients is currently trying to decide what hardware to get for her kitchen (with my help of course). Here's the dilemma that I'm sure many of you have run into - what finish should she have on her hardware? She likes the look of polished chrome but worries about it fingerprinting and looking messy/dirty. She also likes the brushed hardware and knows she won't have the problem of the fingerprinting, but the polished chrome would add dimension and reflection in the kitchen.

Have any of you faced this dilemma yourself? What did you choose? Do you have polished chrome in your home? What has your experience been?

Here are some photos I've been perusing to help us decide...

These pictures have POLISHED CHROME or NICKEL hardware... (most of these photos are Christopher Peacock kitchens because he almost always uses polished hardware in his kitchens)

And now for the BRUSHED/SATIN NICKEL and CHROME....

So this POLISHED NICKEL hardware

or this SATIN NICKEL one?


  1. I like brushed nickel and have it in my kitchen.

  2. I personally like brushed nickel or pewter - it hides the fingerprints and has a warmer feel to it! I find that polished/shiny nickel is very cold and modern looking so it depends on the "feel" of the room I guess!

  3. I think the brushed finish adds as much to the kitchens without the worry of fingerprints. I would go with brushed.

  4. 3 to 1 ? I love polished . I think it adds just the right amount of sparkle to a kitchen ( or bath) . Love the images you provided;)

  5. I just had my kitchens cabinets painted white and chose polished hardware. I looks really beautiful and gives it a really clean look. I have three boys and I am cleaning the white cabinets far more often than the polished hardware!

  6. I used polished chrome in our last kitchen and loved it, no fingerprints, and it adds a little sparkle. I think brushed is on its way out and will look dated.

  7. I love all of these comments. It just illustrates how the little decisions like this can be difficult and there are varying opinions. So it's a tie...anyone want to break the tie?

  8. I love polished. It gives the kitchen a bit of sparkle and it just seem cleaner to me. Also, it is pretty classic and timeless, in my opinion.


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