Wednesday, August 3, 2011


example of some of my "pins"

I just signed up for PINTEREST and I love it. It's the easiest application to use. You download the "Pin It" button onto your Bookmarks (just like Polyvore if you've used that). When you're surfing the web and see something you like you just click the "Pin It" button and it shows you all the photos on that page and you click on the photos you want to save. It then saves it to whatever category you want, such as "For the Home" or "My Style".

Want to know the best part? It saves the website info you got the picture from, so if you are a design blogger or any kind of blogger that needs to give credit for photos, this is a great way of keeping that info. I save a lot of products I like but can't buy right then. That way I can go back to it when I have the money again for a new shirt, chair, etc...

Now that I have Pinterest I feel less of a need to blog. So please follow me on Pinterest! I'm just under my name - Marianne Brown. I'm always pinning and I want to follow you if you are already on so let me know what name you are pinning under!

It's a great way to get good ideas. I even have a "favorite books" section. It's a great way to share your favorites with your friends.

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