Friday, October 29, 2010



I just discovered Thassos marble - it's an all white marble that's really nothing special, but I love it as an alternative to white porcelain subway tiles. Above is a shower done in Thassos - I think it has a nice clean look, but it still has the look of a marble. I think we are going to do this both in our master bathroom and as the backsplash in our kitchen.


  1. Have you priced it out yet? It can be quite expensive.

  2. marianne,
    you are so talented. What a lovely home & blog.
    Wondering about your thassos... it looks like in your kitchen there is some variation in color that I am not familiar with, but really like it. Did you source it from Dal and have your installer cut it to size?

    I love the way thassos gives that beautiful polished look without being crazy with veining. Great for tilework and backsplashes. thanks in advance!

    lauren @oviattdesign .net

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you for the very nice compliment! I actually bought my Thassos from Container's Direct on 300 W and cut it to size, but I don't believe they carry it anymore. And yes, you are right - there is some slight variation. That might be because it's a cheaper Thassos. I know Ann Sacks has a really nice Thassos that probably doesn't vary as much, but I kind of like it. Some are more grayish than others, but I've been really happy with it.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep in touch!


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