Thursday, July 15, 2010



I really like the whole look in this photo, but especially the floors and the gold hinges and nobs. I am thinking about putting gold nobs and hinges in my house as well. And even though I really like the Walnut stained floors, I think the floors in this photo might be more practical and are also very nice. As always I worry about whether it is a classic enough choice, but I'm pretty sure gold is the most timeless metal of all, so I should be safe...

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  1. I like that wood color, I'm pretty sure KT's parents house on Cottonwood ln had something like it. As long as the wood has a lot of colors/depth you'll be able to work with it. Love the gold hinges but if they are brass they might look cheap. I like 'oil-rubbed bronze' it is kind of black, I feel like it would go well with all types of decor. Don't get me wrong the gold is fantastic.


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