Wednesday, June 9, 2010



I have done a bit of research on the best gas cooktops and electric ovens and it seems like the WOLF gets the best overall ratings. Any opinions out there on the WOLF or other gas ranges? How important do you think a double oven is? I don't cook much as of right now, so I'm not sure. I think the 36" is the best option for our kitchen since space is somewhat limited. What do you think?
Please comment! Thanks.


  1. I wouldn't need more than 4 burners plus that center grilling piece. I would definitely want 2 ovens,when I cook a nice dinner I usually have the main dish in one oven and a side dish or dessert in the other.

  2. Good thinking Chels. I will see what the options are for the Wolf as far as the cook top and the double ovens go. If I do double ovens I probably wouldn't do Wolf for those. Or should I?

  3. I think Wolf's are great! My parents had one and loved it. Vikings are also the best too- we loved ours. But i'm with Chels- you won't need more than 4 burners.

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